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Weather models

bracknell morgen (Fronten)
This map shows the global weather situation an contains isobars, high and low pressure areas and the frontiers between warm and cold sectors

mrf 9Tage (850 hPa-Temp)
The 850 hPa map shows the temperatures in the layer of atmosphere, where the pressure has an amount of 850 hPa. This is usualy at a height between 4200 ft and 4900 ft above sea level. You can use this map to get to know what kind of precipitation will come.

mrf 9Tage (Niederschlag)
This map shows the forecast of the expected amount of precipitation.


nogaps 24h, Bodendr/NS (12h-Modell)
The map of american forecast model NOGAPS show sea level pressure and amount of precipiation.
(12h  24h  36h  48h  60h  72h  84h  96h  108h  120h  132h  144h)

meteomedia, Vorhersagediagramm
This forecast scheme created by meteomedia.ch (Joerg Kachelmann) is valid vor the location Erlabrunn and shows an overview about the main weather elements for the next 4 days.

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